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Activities of the Foundation

Kimono, the beautiful Japanese traditional culture.

The Cultural Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan was established in 1977 to promote and hand down the knowledge and technique of Kimono.

By participating in the National Cultural Festival and the Lifelong Study Festival, holding the Women’s Cultural College, and conducting Cultural Exchanges in foreign countries and Kimono dressing classes, we are sponsoring various activities so that many can experience the wonders of Kimono.

Purpose of the establishment

The purpose of the establishment of our foundation is to promote the knowledge of the fine national costume of our country and its dye, weave, pattern and shape, and to cultivate a better understanding to the general public.

In addition, we contribute to the development of our culture by encouraging the transmission and research of traditional technique of the national costume.


To achieve the purpose in the preceding article, this Foundation conducts the following projects:

  1. Hold courses, lectures and exhibitions on the national costume
  2. Collect, maintain and release materials on the national costume
  3. Promote and assist researchers and successors of the national costume and its technique
  4. Investigate and research the national costume and its technique
  5. Publish the materials on the national costume
  6. Conduct international exchange on the national costume
  7. Authorize the knowledge and skills of the national costume
  8. Promote other necessary projects to achieve these purposes

Principal of the Foundation

  1. Nurture educators who possesses broad knowledge, distinguished skill, noble sprit and rich education.
  2. Spread the circle of traditional culture regionally through contact with local people and harmonize Japanese traditional culture with specific characteristics of each region, establishing deep and wide roots.
  3. Play a part in achieving World Peace as a private diplomacy by advancing eternal peace and a cultural movement which extends beyond race and national boundaries.

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