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In 1977, the Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costume of Japan obtained authorization as an incorporated foundation from the Ministry of Education.

We have been promoting the Kimono culture of Japan for public interest in Japan and in foreign countries.

The foundation started in Tokyo and it has been 38 years since we developed as “Kimono Cultural School”.

With all the teachers of over 200 schools in Japan, I truly realize that we have carried out very meaningful activities. It has been 45 years since I got involved in Kimono, and in this commemorating year, I would sincerely like to renew my feelings toward promoting Kimono culture to pass on to the next generation.

To do so, I will foster Kimono cultural teachers who affirm and support our activities and will play an active part at our school as one of the major centers for promoting Kimono Culture.

When the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are held in 2020, more people will be interested in Japanese OMOTENASHI culture. Kimono Culture is truly our OMOTENASHI culture.

Let us dispatch our proud Japanese culture to the world as Japanese women.

The Cultural Foundation For Promoting the National Costume of Japan

Director Ms. Hisae Takeda

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