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Would you like a piece of Japanese culture, Yukata, as a souvenir?

Easy to wear and perfect for Japanese summer, Yukata, a cotton Kimono, is becoming a very important item for summer fashion in Japan.

It is highly recommended as a souvenir that can easily give you and your friends a taste of real Japan.

At our school, you can purchase a set of Yukata with Obi-sash, which comes with a free dressing in Yukata experience.

Please stop by at one of our schools to experience the Japanese Kimono culture.


“Yukata” and “Obi” set

¥8,000~¥18,000 (including tax)

Customer Privileges

Free dressing service included


For men and women


One size only

(Women’s size up to 165~170cm height, Men’s size up to 180cm height)


What is Yukata…

The origin of Yukata is an attire called “Yukatabira”, which used to be worn by the court people when taking a bath during the Heian period.

Later it became the name of the white cotton Kimono worn after bathing.

Since Edo period, Yukata became the summer casual kimono, and currently it’s very popular among the young generation to wear to summer festivals and fireworks displays.

School locations

Yukata can be purchased at our school in above cities.

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