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“Kimono”, “Yukata”, “JUNI-HITOE, the Twelve Layered Kimono” wearing experience

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Kimono, the beautiful Japanese traditional culture. The Cultural Foundation for Promoting the National Costume of Japan was established in 1977 to promote and hand down the knowledge and technique of Kimono. By participating in the National Cultural Festival and the Lifelong Study Festival, holding the Women’s Cultural College, and conducting Cultural Exchanges in foreign countries and Kimono dressing classes, we are sponsoring various activities so that many can experience the wonders of Kimono.

Activities of the Foundation
kimono OMOTENASHI Project
Teacher's Voice
Manners for outing wearing the Kimono
Basics of JUNI-HITOE, the twelve layered Kimono Learn about JUNI-HITOE, its history and structure
Dyeing and Weaving Dictionary

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